The Australian Freshwater Sciences Society (AFSS)

The Australian Freshwater Sciences Society (AFSS) was established in 1961 as the Australian Society for Limnology, and is the peak scientific society for the study of the ecology and functioning of Australian inland waters. The Society has an active and engaged membership of scientists, policy makers and managers across state, territory and federal agencies, universities and the private sector. Members have a strong professional interest in inland aquatic issues, in the maintenance of biodiversity, the maintenance and/or restoration of water quality, and the wise use of aquatic resources. AFSS also has a strong interest in fostering the scientific and intellectual development of postgraduate and tertiary students, providing them with a number of initiatives for training and career development. Through an annual conference, local state/territory events and social media, AFSS shares knowledge on the biodiversity, ecology, water chemistry and eco-hydrology of Australia’s rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries and wetlands.  

Advancing Limnology in Australia

AFSS is Australia’s major professional association for scientists and managers of inland waters, including rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs and estuaries. The goal of AFSS is to advance freshwater science and its understanding through fostering the interdisciplinary exchange of scientific information among its membership, as well as more broadly to other professional Societies, agencies, government and the general public. This is achieved through an Annual Conference, regular communications, local events run by members, social media and this website.

Members of the Society study a wide variety of ecosystems and organisms: from the genetics of organisms to their community structure; ecosystem functions and trophic interactions, physical and chemical processes that affect inland waters, and importantly the linkages between landscapes and waterways. Advancing limnology in Australia requires we provide the best science to the management of our waterways, with members contributing to applied aspects of limnology such as condition assessments, restoration, conservation, modelling and policy development.

Membership is open to individuals or corporate bodies engaged in research, management, policy and teaching about inland waters. AFSS actively encourages and supports the membership of postgraduate students, providing a number of initiatives for training and career development. There are members in every State and Territory, so join AFSS and contribute to advancing Limnology in Australia.